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Seasons of Kashmir Early Spring
It is a pleasure to visit Kashmir in any season, each unique in its own way. Early Spring (March - April) brings in the charm of watching blossoming Almond trees and a variety of early spring Flowers. It is generally cool with average day temp. hovering around 22 Degrees Celsius
Seasons of Kashmir Mid Summer
Mid Summer(May - June) starts with fruits like Strawberry and Cherry and plenty of Flowers like Tulips, Panzies, Daisies, Lilies, Sun Flower and the like. Weather is very pleasant and temp. range between 18 Degrees and 28 Degrees Celsius.

Seasons of Kashmir Late Summer
Late Summer(July-August): This period is relatively warm for Kashmir. Temperature sometimes touching 33 Degrees Celsius. However, average temperature remains in the range of 27 to 30 Degrees Celsius. Gardens are in Full Bloom and Flowers, fruits like Pear, Apricot, Peaches, Plums, Water Melon, etc. are available in plenty during this season.
Seasons of Kashmir Autumn
Autumn (September - October): This season is known for the apples. Apple Trees in Orchards are full of Fruit. This season is also known for the Golden Chinar. The Chinar leaves before falling start turning golden in color. Looking at a Chinar Bagh at this time leaves a lasting impression on your mind. Temperature ranges between 22 to 27 Degrees Celsius
Seasons of Kashmir Winter
Winter November-February: Even winter in Kashmir is attractive to many a Tourist who are fond of snow. Temperature can go as low as -12 Degrees Celsius. But the view of Frozen Lakes, The Icicles, The falling Snow, The Snow Clad Mountains, Roads and Trees are a treat to watch.
Gandola ride
This unique ride is available in Gulmarg in two stages. The First Stage is from Gulmarg to Kongduri. The second stage is more steep and exciting for the right tourist. It goes to Al-Patra at a height of about 13,000 ft. Hundreds of tourists enjoy this ride everyday during the peak season.
Gulmarg Winter Sports Destination
This place is internationally known as a winter sports destination. It has best kind of slopes available for snow skiing in the country. It remains snow clad for most part of winter i.e. Late December - Early March
Tulip Gardens
Famous tulip gardens of Kashmir are only 3 Kms away. After Spain such beautiful Tulip Garden can only be seen here during the spring season.

International Golf Course of Repute
Royal Springs International Golf Course is a new recently developed Golf Course made to international standards. It commands a unique view of the surroundings and its location is awesome. It has all the modern facilities and already a few international Golf Tournaments have been held there. Membership rights are reserved and are available only on request and subject to certain terms and conditions.
White Water Rafting
Recently the J&K Tourism Deptt. has made facilities available for White water rafting in Kashmir. Amateur rafters can avail these facilities in River Lidder near Pahalgam and more adventurous ones can try the same on the River Indus (that flows from Ladakh) near Sonamarg. People from all around the world come here to enjoy the sport in the cold glacier waters of Indus and Lidder.

Ancient Monuments
Kashmir can boast of many monuments of historical importance. One school of thought says that second Buddhist Conference was held in Burzahama Srinagar. Other than Temples like Martand Sun Temple and Shankaracharya Temple there are ancient monuments like Avantipora Archeological Remains which attract the attention of the historians and Archeologists.
Endangered Wild life in Kashmir
Kashmir is also known for its unique wild Life which includes Snow Leopard and The Hangul.The Hangul is the only endangered species of its kind found in the reserved forest resort of Kashmir (Dachigam) and nowhere else in the world. Snow Leopard is also endangered species found on high altitude mountains of Kashmir.
Amarnath Yatra
Kashmir is also famous for the very popular Amarnath Yatra. The actual yatra takes place with the procession of the Sadhus, generally in July-August every year exact dates depend on the Indian Lunar Calendar. However, the route is thrown open to the people from June to September every year. The traditional route is Via Pahalgam and Sheshnag but a shorter route is also available through Sonamarg and Baltal.
Apple Orchards and Other Fruit Trees
Apple Orchards are situated all around the valley. However, apple trees full of fruit can be seen only in the autumn season but is a life time experience. Most people know of Apple trees that grow in Kashmir and Himanchal. But only few know about other fruit trees that grow in Kashmir. Among the many the most popular are Pear Tree (Nashpati), Apricot, Walnut, Almond, Mulberry, Grapes etc

First Eco Friendly Train in Kashmir
The first Eco Friendly Electric Train has arrived in Kashmir Valley. It runs from Qazigund and Baramulla a distance of about 150 Kms.Shortly Train will also run from Jammu to Kashmir Valley connecting the Valley with rest of the country by rail. This route will be one of its own kind in the world tearing into the mighty Pirpanchal range through a no. of tunnels one of them being as long as 13 Kms
Exclusive Trees
There are few trees that are only found in Kashmir Valley and no where in the world. For instance the magnanimous Chinar Tree is one example. It has a close cousin the Maples Tree which is found in Canada. Some Chinar Trees that are found in Kashmir are 300- 600 years oldThe other example is Poplar Tree. This is only found in Kashmir Valley. This tree can be as straight as a pole and as tall as 50 ft.The beautiful Willow Trees are either found in UK or in Kashmir Valley. Apart from its beauty, these trees are very special as Cricket Bats are manufactured out of this willow
Kashmir has been rightly called angler's paradise, with a network of rivers and streams as well as high altitude lakes all abounding in trout both brown and rainbow. Trout fishing in Kashmir is far cheaper than it is in any other part of the world. And most importantly, the Department of Fisheries, which controls angling in the valley, works hard to ensure that there is no depletion of stock by indiscriminate fishing which means that you can revel in angling in ideal conditions. At the Tourist Reception Centre, Srinagar is the fishing counter. Information on equipment, location of beats, transport and nearby accommodation can be had here. Fishing Permits are to be obtained from
Kashmiri handicrafts exhibit extraordinary intricacy and skill. The workers in Jammu-Kashmir have expertise in making Excusive Silk and Art. Silk hand knotted Carpets, Papier Machie work decorative items, Willow work baskets and other utility items, Chain Stitch wall hangings, and other handicraft items. You can also find a variety of Walnut wood work furniture and items, Silverware with semi precious stone work and the Rare Pashmina shawls with unmatched embroidery.This flourishing handicrafts industry of Jammu & Kashmir not only offers you wonderful items, but also employs several tribal as well as general folks of the valley.

Saffron Cultivation
Once again apart from Spain Saffron cultivation happens only in Srinagar Kashmir and that too at one place called Pampore. Saffron flowers can be seen in full bloom in early spring season